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1966 Malibu

Today I received my manual gearbox back from Power Steering after a rebuild. I must say I was very impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail on my unit. It was definitely a pleasure working with Marty through this entire process. He did what he agreed to do when he said he would, a rare combination anymore. I cannot wait to install it tomorrow, I participate in Car Shows with my 66 and this finish product will enhance the appearance of my car. Job well done.
— Jesse, Sumter, S.C. (Nov 2018)

1952 Chevy Styleline Deluxe

52 Chevy is back on the road. A tremendous change in the steering. Previously it was either turning or not turning; there was no such thing as minor adjustments to your path. Driving it was tiring. Now you can make subtle adjustments and roll down the road. I’ll enjoy it.
— Rod, McPherson KS, (Oct 2018)

1969 Firebird

Still have a little air in it but I have power steering! Thanks for all your help. I appreciate you going above and beyond.

Here are a couple pics. I wouldn’t be driving the car if it weren’t for you.
— John, Springhill, KS (Sept 2018)
OM18 3.jpg


1966 GTO

GTO 1966 (1).jpg
...the pump & gearbox are things of beauty! Anxiously awaiting a test drive – after I get the new front suspension buttoned up and some rewiring in the car.

Thanks for a beautiful job!
— Mike, Smyrna, TN (APR 2018, On the Road Sep. 2018)

1969 C30

…power steering pump and gearbox rebuild work great.
— Tom, South Dakota (Oct 2018)

1971 Chevy K20

With over 700 cars registered for the Birthplace of Route 66 Festival it was a coincidence that our customer Niles parked next to the Olds "on the Square in Springfield." We had not talked since we rebuilt his gearbox in January of 2018. But he said he loved the way it drove and we could send anyone his way if we needed a testimonial.

A beauty of a truck!

The Birthplace of Route 66 Festival was a first class event - a tip of the hat to the organizers and the City of Springfield for  another fantastic parade and festival.  (Aug 2018)

1983 Jeep Scrambler 

Local customer Robert had a rebuilt gearbox from another rebuilder with major issues. We disassembled it and quickly figured out what that rebuilder did wrong. His Scrambler is back on the road... (July 1018)


1969 Dodge Super Bee - Original Owner

Just letting you know I received rebuilt TRW Mopar Power Steering Pump. Everything good! Arrived safely!  All installed and is working beautifully and best of all, no leaks! That is all great news! Just wanted to let you know and to send my sincerest thanks in a job well done! I will keep your card info and if I come across anyone else in a similar situation that their pump needs a little TLC., I will definitely tell them to get in contact with you and that you will easily take all their worries away!
— GARY, FL - Mopar TRW Pump Rebuild (July 2018)

1950 Willy’s Jeepster

Near the end of June, Vernon's California gearbox is on its way (his son's Willy is in the background). The resto-mod steering has a few issues we are going to try to help him resolve (Saginaw 800.) (June 2018)


1951 Ford F1

We helped Dwaine at Hill Billy Hot Rodz freshen up with this 1950 F1. We rebuilt the manual steering box. He did an amazing dashboard freshen up for this truck's owner. Dwaine is one of the finest when it comes to resto-mod capabilities in the area - he does it all. (June 2018) 

hill billy hot rodz.JPG

1970 Cutlass S W-31 

1970 W-31.JPG

Here's a great article at Hot Rod Network: Rare Find: 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S W-31 Hides in Original Owner’s Garage for 34 Years. We rebuilt the gearbox and pump for Jimmy's restoration -  fast ratio with extreme detailing - of course (June 2018.)


1977 F250 4x4

Bryan, from just "down the road" in Joplin, had us rebuild the troubled power steering gearbox in his F250 - it had been welded to the frame by the prior owner (June 2018.) Many years earlier we rebuilt the gearbox in his Montego too.

F250 & Montego.JPG

1955 Chevy Pickup Resto-mod 

Dean, a local customer, needed his leaking gearbox fixed quick - before the Hot Rod 100 Reliability Run. He figured he'd give the fast ratio upgrade a try too (the truck has a camaro front clip.)

We took care of his gearbox quickly. Then, the owner of met Dean at the event's check-in, Dean said "he loved the way it steered now and had already told 6 or 7 people about it."  

From the event's website: "The Hot Rod Hundred is designed to bring back something that has been missing for the last few decades…..driving." There appeared to be a couple hundred cars at check-in. More photos of some cars at the event here. (Mar 2018)


1965 Galaxie 500 LX

It is a beautiful survivor with 87k on the clock now and it has a bit of famous owner ship. Louis Unser the uncle of Al Sr. and Bobby, owned it as his last car. He won the Pikes Peak Hill Climb 9 times in his career. His last win was 1953. I have attached a couple photos of the car we affectionately call “Louie”
— Randy, Salina, KS, Saginaw Gearbox Fast Ratio (Mar 2018)
65 XL.jpg

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1

William, Victoria B.C. - Saginaw Gearbox Fast Ratio Upgrade (Mar 2018) 


1964 Mercury Monterey

The local shop owner that installed the power steering control valve we rebuilt for this 1964 Mercury brought it by for us take a look (his photo was better than ours, so we posted his.) Thanks to Kirby Family Auto Care in Nixa, MO (Mar 2018)

1972 all original Ford F100


Original 1972 F100

I was able to get everything reinstalled on to my truck today. Works wonderfully and I did end up having to pull the steering wheel for realignment. Thanks for the good service.
— Steve, Indiana. Pump & Gearbox Rebuild, (Feb 2018) left the exterior of Steve's pump and gearbox in "as-received condition." Steve wanted what was left of the original finish to remain undisturbed.   


1968 Firebird in France

Jean from Le Puy Ste Reparade, France sent us his  gearbox for a fast ratio upgrade. He's preparing the car for racing. The car is a tribute to Craig Fischer's '68 Trans-Am race car Firebird. (At this link, you can learn more about Craig and about half way down the page, you'll see a photo of Craig's '68 Firebird.) (Jan 2018)

Over the years, we've rebuilt multiple extreme detail gearboxes for restorations, most recently in Jan 2018 (update: 2 more gearboxes in April 2018.)

1973 Cougar 

I just want to thank you for the fantastic work you did in converting my steering box into a fast ratio box. My 1973 cougar now steers & handles nearly as well as my 2008 Cadillac...I didn’t think that was even possible. The show detail you did on the box was so pretty, I almost didn’t want to put it back in the car!

I would recommend your service to any one with a classic`s the best money I`ve ever spent!
— Stuart, Portland, Or 1973 Mercury Cougar (Jan 2018)

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